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Fire Safety Knowledge Training of Changyi Changrong Company of Changning Group
Description: n April 20, 2018, the staff of Changrong Machinery Co , Ltd in Changyi were trained on fire safety knowledge by Mr Zhu, a fireproof teacher of Weifang She an

On April 20, 2018, the staff of Changrong Machinery Co., Ltd. in Changyi were trained on fire safety knowledge by Mr. Zhu, a fireproof teacher of Weifang She'an. During the four-hour study and training, the staff were enlightened, broadened their thinking and benefited a lot.

1. Recognize the importance of fire safety work.
The occurrence of fire is the most common, most prominent and most harmful disaster in real life. It is a major issue directly related to people's life and property safety. Therefore, we should clearly realize that "fire protection work is the guarantee of other work". We should put the work of safety production on the height of respecting the right to life and human rights, and take a responsible attitude towards society and the public. Clear responsibilities and implement them. Always keep the alarm bell ringing and prevent trouble before it happens.
2. Strengthen the study of fire fighting knowledge. Fire demons are ruthless. When we are trapped in a fire site and our lives are threatened, we can gain more "life" for ourselves by taking effective self-rescue measures by using terrain or objects around us, if we can change our fate from "passive" to "active". We must be familiar with the use of fire extinguishing equipment, fire escape, evacuation and self-help methods.
3. Keep a good attitude. "Only desperate people, no desperate situation." When facing the billowing smoke and the flaming fire, keep a good attitude and calmly and rationally implement fire self-rescue and escape, it is very likely to save themselves, and then help others.
4. Through this fire training, we have learned a lot of common knowledge about fire control. When a real fire comes, we must remember the following principles:
(1) Early warning and less loss. This is a valuable experience that people summed up in the struggle against fire.
(2) Putting out the fire while alarming. While alarming, we should extinguish the initial fire in time.
(3) Control before fire extinguishing. When fighting flammable gas and liquid fires, we should first cut off the source of flammable materials, and then strive for a successful fire extinguishing.
(4) First save people, then save lives. When a fire breaks out, we must remember the principle of "saving people first, fire extinguishing simultaneously, saving people first and saving lives later".